What We Do

  • Our products handle the taste and odor issues facing drinking water supplies.
  • Our products confront the challenging contaminants and remove them up to 99.9% in most cases.
    1. Lead and Heavy Metals – >98% lead removal at both high and low pH
    2. Chloramines – 99.9%
    3. Chemicals & Pesticides – Benzene, MTBE (methyl tertiary-butyl ether) and Chloroform (surrogate for VOC’s) reductions with additional testing to be completed soon
    4. Pharmaceuticals – BPA (Bisphenol A) reduction with additional pharmaceutical testing to be completed soon
    5. Bacteriostatic properties
    6. Radionuclides – Testing to be completed soon
  • Our products leave essential minerals in the drinking water like Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium.
  • Our products work at a wide range of pressure including gravity block filters.
  • Our product offering is available in a wide range of sizes to meet almost any customer’s need.
  • North American made product.

What our customers are saying…

We have worked with AquaGuidance on many OEM projects and the technical assistance and guidance they provide to help us develop products is second to none. We would not look anywhere else for a media block supplier.”James Webb
Ceramic Filters Company, Inc. Brooklyn, MI

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