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We are an advanced specialty filtration media technology company. We specialize in provision of filtration solutions for residential drinking water and commercial applications where the water quality is poor.

For example, our proprietary AGMS Lead & Metals Sorbent media blends provide a range of solutions for the greatest capacity, fastest kinetics and lowest cost in the industry which we tailor to specific application requirements for optimal cost and performance.

We have also developed Microbiological Filter media to remove viruses in gravity flow systems without the use of chemicals, power, or pressure; uniquely passing the full P231 Microbiological Purifier protocol at a third-party lab.

AquaGuidance has proprietary filtration media designed using a calculated blend including activated carbons, chemically activate calcium carbonate, zeolites, pacified alumina, metal scavengers, and activated mineral phosphates. The specific media blend is typically then structurally bound with polymers to produce highly porous block filters which are able to deliver the highest capacity lead, mercury, chlorine, chloramine, taste and odor reduction in the industry.

Leadership Team:

Duane Dunk, Managing Director
Andrew Lombardo, Technical Director
Scotty Murch, Director of Sales

Florida Office

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