Metals Sorbents



  • AGMS Metals Sorbent Medias are blends of individually processed exclusive and proprietary sorbent materials that can be quickly combined to produce the ideal lead or metals sorbent for any specific application.


  • Blending allows AquaGuidance to produce the best sorbent additive medias for a specific carbon block filter design to maximize performance and cost savings for block manufacturers versus traditional “one size fits all” sorbent offerings that have been around for decades.


How many varieties of activated carbon are there?  Lots!
Coconut or bituminous, acid-washed, silver impregnated and all with a wide range of mesh sizes from powder to large granules.
You probably keep several versions of carbon in your raw materials inventory at all times. So why rely on just one sorbent additive for all of your lead reduction needs?



Did you know that all sorbents are different and respond differently to specific conditions? Factors having the greatest impact are:
  • Contact Time
  • Amount of sorbent to be used (percent by weight in your formulation)
Think about it…a very small, fast-flowing refrigerator filter with a relatively low capacity requires sorbent designed for maximum kinetic speed while avoiding high concentration of sorbent which would displace needed carbon.
Conversely, a 4 x 20 filter with long life for reduced maintenance burden requires a high capacity sorbent and may be cost-justified in using a higher percent loading of sorbent, and kinetic speed may not be of any concern.
These are two examples of why “one size DOES NOT fit all.” Certainly not for cost/performance optimization!


  • AquaGuidance Lab Services support your mix optimization for your diverse product line.


  • Making specific AGMS media blends for your needs, AquaGuidance can offer the highest capacity and best kinetics in the marketplace today.


  • We can also offer guidance and options for using a bit more of a less expensive media blend to save money and still hit your performance targets.


  • Standard media has an average particle size of ~30μm for typical blocks and can be easily processed into molded or extruded blocks.


Never before has the industry had available such flexibility and options to optimize performance and cost, backed by data from Customer Support lab services.

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