Microbiological Filter


Aquaguidance Microbiological Filter


AquaGuidance has developed the Microbiological Filter to remove virus, bacteria and cyst from real world waters, even in the presence of organic acids.

Microbiological Filters work with existing cyst and bacteria filtration units, such as ceramic filters or hollow-fiber membranes, and enable additional virus removal to pass the full NSF P231 protocol in gravity-fed situations, without the need for power, pumps, or chemicals.

A clean water version has been developed for emerging market, middle-class domestic settings.

Microbiological Filters avoid chemical shelf-life limitation that necessitates special packaging and storage, allowing simple use and rapid deployment.

Our filters have been tested by a very well respected third-party microbiological lab, with close connections to the US military, which has attested to successfully passing microbiological purifier NSF P231 testing, demonstrating greater than required 4-log (99.99%) virus reduction.

Microbiological Filters uniquely remove viruses from real world, organic-laden water in gravity-fed situations without the use of power, pressurized pumping, or chemicals.

No other product does this!


  • Does not need chemicals, power, or pressure.
  • Works in GTW3 challenge water with humic acid.
  • Long shelf-life.
  • Simple use and rapid deployment.
  • 4-log (99.99%) virus reduction.
  • Made in USA
Microbiological Filter

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