School water filtration bills passed in Michigan

Senate aims to lower child lead exposure

“Our bills take the guesswork out of it by ensuring that schools and day cares install filters, keeping lead and other toxins out of the water supply and our kids safe and healthy,” Ananich said.

The Michigan Education Association (MEA), which represents about 120,000 educators throughout the state, supports the bill package and its investment in school infrastructure upgrades, said MEA Public Affairs Director Doug Pratt.

“With aging school infrastructure comes issues with water quality and mandating filtration systems is a good first step to ensure students are kept safe from any drinking water contaminants,” Pratt said. “We know lead exposure has a direct impact on brain development, especially in school-aged kids.

Approximately 14% of Michigan children under 6-years-old had a blood lead test in 2021, according to the latest statewide data. Of those tested, 3.5% of children had elevated blood lead levels that meet the threshold in which medical evaluation is needed.

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